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A lot can be said about selling your home yourself versus using an agent. For all intents and purposes, let's assume you made the best move for your investment and chose an ERA REALTOR® to sell your home in 2021 and beyond. After taking that no-brainer first step, here are a few things to consider with your agent:


  1. One of the most important things you can get right (or wrong) is displaying your home to potential buyers. Unless you have mastered iPhone photography or are a true professional, you'll want to hire a pro, or have your ERA agent hire a photographer. The ROI for this is huge considering you're selling for a considerably large sum at the end of this process. When the first look of your home is online (and likely on a smartphone) make sure you're putting the best curb appeal out there on the web.


  1. You and your ERA agent will want to ensure buyers coming forward are qualified. Yes, you want as many potential buyers as possible – but quality matters. Additionally, because of COVID, safety matters too. Limiting foot traffic is important and also allows sellers to only consider serious buyers. A simple way to get your qualified buyers is with their pre-approval letter. Details in a pre-approval letter will help you answer questions like how strong is this potential buyer? Can they put down 20% or only 3%? Homes in 2021 are still being scooped up above asking and even above appraised value. Keep your home in the mix with good candidates!


  1. This last move is tricky but it's literally THE move. Be prepared for your next home purchase (yay multi-tasking). Begin looking at homes immediately as if your property has already been sold. Selling and buying a home concurrently can be undesirable to the next home seller but don't let that deter you from navigating through this balancing act. One solid consideration to remember is, the less contingencies, the better! You should have a good idea of what the sales proceeds will look like and how much you'll be able to afford on the next purchase. Trust your ERA agent, do your homework, and take the time to do things right. You won't regret it.

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