Why Agents Join My Office?


My Goal If You Join My Office is To Help You Create & Personally Execute A Business Plan Catered Around Your Lifestyle & Personality. I Will Work With You And Coach You One To One To Increase Your Sales & Income. Once This Is Achieved It Can Provide You With Different Options In Life To Live The Life You Desire.  

       I Have Helped Brand New & Experienced Agents Develop Business Systems. Key Word Being System; Because Once It Is In Place Daily You Know What To Do, When To Do It, And How To Do It, Which In Return Gives You More Time And Money. Best Of All These Techniques Work Anywhere. Think About This, If You Ever Become Unhappy Or You End Up Relocating You Can Take What You Have Learned From Me And Be Successful Anywhere! That is What I Call A Win Win Scenario. If You Are Feeling Any One Of These Feelings At All, All By Yourself, Burned Out, Frustrated, Lost, Forgotten, Confused, Broke, Ready To Go Get A Job, Mad, Unimportant, or Trapped, Then We Should Talk Because You Will Not Feel That Way On My Team. I Say Team Because Everyone In My Office Works With A Team Mentality That Everyone Helps Everyone No Matter How Many Homes They Sell. Our Meeting Will Be Confidential With No Pressure. My Goal Is Just To Provide You With Enough Information So You Can Make An Educated Decision That’s All. On Another Note If You Are Happy Where You Are Keep Me In Mind If Something Changes. 


         I Look Forward To Hearing From You,

                                                                                     Mike Nishnick 


Below are some agent testimonies about Mike Nishnick 

Mark Kolodziej

In my few years working with Mike, I have seen him take many new and semi-experienced agents and relaunch their careers. Some were not happy with where they were others needed to make more money. A few of the new agents were scared to get out there and use their little bit of knowledge to capture business. They thought they could rely on their sphere of influence which they learned the hard way does not work. With Mike’s training and insight into the world of real estate, I witnessed new agents becoming top agents. I saw previous agents skyrocket their income. Now don’t get me wrong, not every agent that stepped into the office became a superstar, but the agents that wanted it, and listened to what Mike had to say, came out ahead and even have their own sustainable stream of business because of Mike’s intuition and coaching. I have been a content marketing manager for 3 years working in the same office as Mike, so I was able to see an unbiased and out of the box view of his strategies. I recently obtained my license and his guidance and experience has even allowed me to obtain a few listings and sales while working a full-time job. If you know anyone that knows Mike, just ask them. They will likely tell you 1. he is not like others, he will tell you the truth and shoot straight with you. He will not fluff any ideas or give you propositions that are just to get you to join the office. 2. He has years of experience and 100’s of sales under his belt. and last but not least 3. He really is there for you to help you, and he cares. Sometimes he may act like he doesn’t care as much as he does to maintain a professional composure, but speaking with him off-hours you can tell he will take things home with him and figure it out over the long term.

Mark Kolodziej
Realtor®/Content Marketing Manager
ERA Real Estate – Hampton Roads
1-888-899-8715 toll free

Ann Mickelson

If you are looking for the perfect broker to partner with, you have found him in Mike Nishnick.  I spent many months planning my transition from corporate leadership to my new entrepreneurial venture in real estate and that time gave me the opportunity to make the right choice regarding which broker to partner with.  Mike has been there to help me create a strong business plan and guides me along the way with as much or as little support as I want. One month after being licensed, I have six listings and have already had one sale.  I am well on my way to my personal, professional and financial goals thanks to his support.

Ann Mickelson


ERA Real Estate Professionals



Roben Swift


As a part time agent, after meeting Mike for an one on one meeting, it was very clear to me that I had to make a change and move to ERA @the Kempsville office. He allowed me to share my experience and he shared how I would fit in with the entire team.

The one thing that stuck out clearly, he stated he would be there for me and he proved himself. I have great confidence in him and he has kept every word that he said he would keep. He is very approachable and listens very well.   We have a great team and it’s because Mike has judgement in the agents he recruits. Mike is a team builder and motivator. One thing he will he will not do is feed you fluff, but he will always be realistic with you and if you allow him, he will guide you into the right path of success.


Roben Swift

ABFC (AW) Retired

ERA Real Estate Professionals






Beth Tanner


Working at ERA for the past 5 years has been a great experience. The Broker Mike Nishnick is always there when I need him. If I have a question or concern he will respond quickly even if it’s a late  evening or weekend. What is especially great, that I haven’t experienced at any other company I have worked with, is the invaluable training that we receive. Mike is always sharing his sales experience and teaching us ways to make us all become better at what we do.

Beth Tanner, Realtor

ERA Circle of Achievement
CARTUS Relocation Specialists

ERA Real Estate Professionals
“Always there for you”
1445 Kempsville Rd
Va Beach, VA 23464
866-891-9038 e-fax







Jim Clifton, Associate Broker ERA Real Estate Professionals.   After joining the ERA Team over 10 years ago, there’s not another Real Estate company that comes close. This company cares about its agents, wanting everyone to succeed! The managing broker has his finger on the pulse on anything new that is working for sales and listings and is constantly sharing with the agents. I have never seen people so involved on staying on the cutting edge.  The company has free training every week, hands out awards quarterly, and has the best parties throughout the year. They also have an in house lender getting customers preapproved in minutes.  Most companies charge agents for paper, office space, etc,, ERA charges nothing. The ERA website has more tools on purchasing and listing homes than you can imagine. If your a new agent, or an agent coming from another agency, ERA has everything you need to succeed!!

Jim Clifton
Lawson Homes Sales Manager
Associate Broker, Realtor,
ERA Real Estate Professionals
757-672-9514 (Direct)
HRRA Circle of Excellence
USAA Preferred Realtor
NFCU Preferred Realtor




To Whom It May Concern,


Mike Nishnick has truly been a blessing to work with. I had a very different path (with lots of hills) I had to cross and overcome to become a licensed Realtor. Mike has traveled where I needed him, answered calls in more than a timely manner, trained, trained, trained, and continues to train me. He is AWESOME!

Mike has traveled to many appointments for me, countless times in numerous cities. When I first came into the business Mike went on listing appointments with me to help me win over clients and ensure that I felt comfortable with my sales presentation. He has traveled to numerous homes to teach me the importance of the property photography, teaching me how to get the best pics possible. Mike will be where you need him!!

Mike has continuously gone above and beyond to make sure things would work out. When I’ve had questions and I have called late at night, he answers!!!! And he answers with genuine kindness, answering whatever questions I might have for my clients. Mike will be there at any time and that is huge!!!!

He is willing to train you. And I mean, SERIOUSLY train you. Take advantage of this; he will sit and go over contracts, teach you marketing, photography, and show you how to build your business from the ground up!!!! He is a blessing to our team and an enormous asset to ERA Real Estate Professionals.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you chose ERA Real Estate Professionals and Mike!!!!


Very Respectfully, Katie Burke

Katie Burke
ERA Real Estate Professionals
1445 Kempsville Rd. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464





Mike makes himself available to us anytime of the day or night. To answer questions or give advice, he is there for us. He holds very informative meetings, keeping us on top of all the new updates in the real estate world. His marketing ideas are unsurpassed as he is always coming up with new ideas to help us grow our business. I cherish him as my broker!

If you are looking for a fresh start with a company that is on the forefront of innovation, Mike is the Man you want to steer you in the right direction!



2011-2015  Circle of Excellence Multiple Award Winner
ERA Real Estate Professionals
“A Smarter Community”
1445 Kempsville Rd.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Licensed in Virginia
Direct: 757 477 8154
Office: 757 424 0646



“As a new Realtor, I have been extremely pleased with the amount of knowledge and guidance that Mike has provided me. I am confident that no matter the day of the week,or the time of day, Mike will always be there to guide me though any question or issue I have.I could not ask for a better broker to help me begin my real estate career.”
With appreciation,
Ross Welty-Realtor®
Licensed In VA with 
ERA- Real Estate Professionals
1445 Kempsville Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Direct Number: 757-353-1225
Office Number: 757-424-0646


We’ll there you have it straight out of the agents mouths. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this and if you would like to meet or even just have a question don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Otherwise I hope you have an Awesome Day.

Mike Nishnick

Mike Nishnick – Managing Broker, Realtor, CSP
Licensed In Virginia
ERA- Real Estate Professionals
Direct Number: 757-286-9412
Office Number: 757-424-0646

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