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Rebate-ForWebWe are offering our cash back benefits to anybody who qualifies absolutely free.

Currently offering these discounts to fellow:

  • Veterans
  • Business Owners
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Educators
  • City Employee
  • Learn More About Qualified Individuals.. Contact Us


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Bonus Rebate After Closing

We are assisting members with a bonus rebate after closing. Sign-up today to utilize this program for yourself or your employees. Fill out our online form.

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ERA Real Estate has been in the business of fulfilling the dream of home ownership since 1972. As the fourth largest real estate brand in the world with approximately 30,000 brokers and agents you can be sure you are getting the quality you deserve.

Selling Your Home Can Be Stressful

Selling your home can be a stressful situation with unexpected costs. Our offices in Hampton Roads would like to assist you with the sale of your home by offering this rebate to members of our Movers Rewards program. Sign up your company today and join our many happy companies that are offering this program to their employees and staff.

Our program can assist employees and staff with their real estate needs:ERA Pricing Table 2016

  • At no-cost to the member
  • Utilizing a bonus rebate after closing on the sale of their home
  • Locally or through a distant ERA location
  • Offering assistance with mortgage financing
  • Suggesting home protection plans, security plans, settlement services and more…


See The Benefits Immediately

Your employees and staff who choose to utilize the employee real estate benefit will be able to sign up and begin the process right away.

Contact us today by calling our local office 888-899-8715.

Have you heard of our community first buyers and sellers rewards program? The key is cash back! Joining our program is free and easy and gives you the edge.

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In the name of giving back to those who give the most. We are offering our cash back rebate program to assist you and your working men and women get a little extra at the closing table.

Veterans and Active Military

Our military personnel and families have a strong presence in the Hampton Roads area. This is an undeniable fact as soon as you enter the area near Oceana Naval Base. It is a beautiful site to be able to see our military working and flying over the skies everyday.

Military father

There are many programs designed to help our wounded warriors and military family members. We understand that they are dedicating their lives to our country and want to help in any way we can.

If you haven’t been to the area make sure you visit during one of our Oceana Air Shows and see for yourself the beauty and grace of our military at it’s finest.

Business Owners

Business owners, small and big, play a major role in developing our communities. They are the dreamers and builders that shape the environment we live in. If you have ever been to Hampton Roads you will see that providing a safe and fun environment for for us to enjoy is a top priority.

See for yourself in this article detailing some of the best businesses in Hampton Roads.

Healthcare Professionals

Our healthcare facilities and employees are second to none. The Virginia Pilot mentions Hampton Roads as having excellent health care available to the region.

healthcare hampton roads image

With a leading list of having some of the Best Hospitals in Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News (Hampton Roads), Va. Hampton Roads contains some of the best hospitals in Virginia, according to the U.S. News and World Report.


Virginia ranks as number seven in a recent study by the U.S. News and World Report.

According to the parent section of Huffington Post we are one of the states With the best school systems, According To New Rankings.

Education in Hampton Roads

This is not an easy task, and it takes a village to stay on top of the game. Also boasting some of the top rated colleges and universities in the country, Hampton Roads deserves a standing ovation when it comes to our educators and what they are doing to help raise and shape the future of our world.

Public Employees

The unsung heroes that are the grease, cogs and wheels of our area are the public employees. These are the people that pick up your trash, deliver your mail, clean up the streets and a slew of other ‘not so fashionable’ jobs that are often overlooked by the private sector.

city employee meter maid

They don’t have name brands behind them and aren’t always at the top of mind when it comes to “target audiences”, but these are the volunteers and employees that have taken it upon themselves to better the community.

This is why we include city employees to our list of eligible recipients of our cash back program. So put on your reflective jacket and jump on that garbage truck knowing that you will be rewarded when you work with ERA!

Let Our Professionals Help You Move!

Maybe a lot has changed since you looked into moving. New changes are being made constantly and new tools are being introduced, we have been learning them for you and learning how to best put them to use for you. Our professionals not only offer this cash back reward, but we are well versed in all aspects of taking advantage of what you have been working for your whole life.


Get in touch with us today as there are many programs available such as reverse mortgages that will help you put your wisdom and hard work to good use.

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    I’m currently going through a divorce. Im 100% disabled. I’ve found a property I’m interested in purchasing. Cost of the property is $250,000.00.

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      Thank you very much for your interest and for taking the time to leave us a comment! We really appreciate it. If you don’t receive an email from us soon please give us a call at 757-286-9412 and ask for Mike, he is the manager of our office in charge of handling the Rewards Program!


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