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Going Green: 3 Reasons to Invest in the Future of Real Estate

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Author: Jennifer Jinks

By now, you would have to be living under a rock to miss the “green” buzz that is now a mainstay in our culture. Going green simply refers to the act of switching old habits that may cause harm to the environment to habits that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and which strive to protect our planet and health.

What we now know about green efforts is that they apply just about anywhere, and you can start as small or large as you like. Perhaps your green efforts are concentrated on the type of food and groceries you purchase, focusing on buying produce that is free of harsh pesticides and chemicals which harm the environment and your family’s health.

Maybe you practice recycling in your house. Possibly you drive a hybrid car, or you cleaned up your beauty routine and now only use products that are safe for the planet and your body. Perhaps you simply use canvas tote bags over plastic ones.


Any way you look at it, these are all great efforts to cut down on waste, protect our planet and our health, and work toward making the world a better place. While you might think that going green refers to the products that fill the house, what about the house itself?

We have learned to incorporate green habits into our everyday lives in order to cut back on the use of natural resources, and we hope to give our children (and their children) the same standard of living we have had.

So, while we should care about the products, food, and habits that occur in the house, what about the house itself? Why not take an environmentally friendly approach to the place you call home? There is no better time to look into green real estate!


What Is Green Real Estate?

Many of you are possibly still wondering what exactly “green real estate” refers to. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, they define green real estate or a green building as a home that is generally healthier, more comfortable, more durable, and more energy efficient, with a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes.

A green building uses sustainable practices, materials, and ways to build a home in order to provide a healthier environment for its inhabitants. The entire objective is to create a home that reduces the overall impact on the health of humans and the planet while still providing a comfortable lifestyle.

Oh, and just because you have an older home or yours wasn’t built with sustainability in mind, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt green practices. Green homes do the following:

  • Make efficient use of water and electricity through low or zero energy buildings and water conservation.
  • Enhance air quality that strives to lower impurities and contaminates.
  • Protect dwellers’ health.
  • Reduce waste and pollution.
  • Use efficient use of building materials – lumber from certified forests and/or from rapidly renewable sources such as bamboo, straw, recycled stone, recycled metal, and other non-toxic materials.


Benefits and Advantages

If the above sounds like a lot, it is. However, when you invest in green real estate, you’re investing in more than just a place to call home. You’re investing in your family’s health. Now, more than ever, health and well-being insists on a holistic approach.

Just as people rank going to a gym, consuming nutritious meals, and maintaining mental health as a necessary part of life, the health of the living environment is just as important to many homeowners.

Need more convincing? Here are five advantages and benefits that come from investing in a green home.

1. Green is the future

Whether you realize it or not, green is the future of the real estate industry. Many families are taking the initiative to ask for green appliances and features for their homes. The health and preservation of natural resources are important, and they want to live in a space that is as healthy as possible.

But that’s not all. With green homes growing in popularity, homeowners know that green homes usually experience a better re-sale value. Green renovations and energy saving appliances are constantly added to the design of new homes, as well as older homes. If you know that you won’t live in a house forever, greening it now can increase your ROI in the future.

Even realtors are jumping on board. While not all are required to obtain green designations, an experienced agent, such as Janet, stays up to date on green buildings and homes in order to provide value to clients. We know how important your family is to you, so buying and selling green homes is important to us.

2. Cut down on costs

Popular myths will tell you in order to make green changes to your home you have to empty out a savings account. That’s just not true! When you put green systems into place you will reduce energy consumption. In turn, you will reap the rewards in many different ways. Not only will you save on your monthly bills, but you’ll increase your property’s value. Talk about stretching your dollars!


3. You make an impact

Many people will say that one person can’t make a huge impact on the state of the environment. However, with each green change you make in and around your home, you are working toward making the planet a better place.

Not only do you preserve resources and reduce your carbon footprint, but you enhance your family’s quality of living. Green additions to the home improve air quality and water quality, cut down on energy usage, and reduce noise pollution.

Furthermore, you set the example for your family, friends, and community that making green changes goes much further than savings. Caring for your planet, health, and loved ones provides you with a lifetime of benefits.

If you’re looking for the home of your dreams in the Atlanta area, be sure to lean on Janet. With all her experience and knowledge, you are sure to find the right home that caters to you and your family’s (green) needs.



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